Design and Planning

Our experienced team can assist with the Design and Planning of your installation.  Whether it is a voice, data or fibre optic network, a PA or Aerial system, an office relocation or expansion of an existing office.

Comprehansive Design and Planning is essential to ensure you account for all your requirements now and in the future.  We look at your current requirements as well as possible future requirements, plus we take into account advances in technology to “future proof” your installation as best we can.

Detailed Design and Planning of any installation will allow you to budget for and fix your costs, rather than finding out part way through a project you require additional equipment.

Initially we will discuss your requirements with you, carry out a full site survey and report back to you with our recommendations.

Before any work commences we will ensure all the equipment is available and produce a program of works showing you at what points various stages of the project will be completed.