IT Consultants

A high quality cabling infrastructure is essential to all IT Consultants and Support Companies in order that their equipment, software and support runs at optimum speed and efficiently. A poor infrastructure often means the IT Company faces the displeasure of the client.

We work extremely well with many IT companies helping them deliver a complete solution to their customers.  Through our expertise and knowledge we can help you enhance your companyprofile.

Our attention to detail and tidiness means your job as an IT company, is made easier when any future re-patching work is required. Clear numbering and a logical installation with forethought in respect of future uses and potential expansion of the infrastructure sets our company apart from our competitors.

We can facilitate all manner of installations from just a few points, a new comms cabinet, fibre splicing, testing and terminating through to a complete data and/or fibre installation. Our special testing equipment can give you all the technical details you need to provide to a client to ensure their infrastructure is installed correctly