Main Contractors

More often than not we are subcontracted in by an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering company to work on the larger projects, but due to the growing importance and huge increase in the ICT element of any given project. Main Contractors are beginning to realise that the ICT and Sructured Cabling part of a project is a key element and therefore choosing to go directly to a specialist. We are now working with some of the leading construction companies as they are breaking down the M & E package and sourcing the Structured Cabling tender directly from us.

The benefits to the Main Contractor are firstly cost, with the structured cabling element becoming a considerable spend in any project’s budget, substantial savings can be made by dealing directly with the ICT and Structured Cabling specialist.

Secondly and probably more importantly, by engaging a specialist such as ourselves directly in the project, we are able to assist in the design, attend project meetings and thus spot difficulties before they arise; we can also advise on cable routes, industry practices and health and safety issues.

Once a cabling infrastructure is in place, all the containment closed and final finishing and decorating has occurred, any unforeseen problems can be very expensive to rectify.  With the correct advice and careful planning early on we can help avoid this scenario.