Electrical Contractors

We work with a complete range of electrical contractors – from small local firms through to large multi-location contractors – from which we receive the majority of our work. We have a solid reputation because we’re flexible, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We always set out to be helpful and professional.

We’re happy to assist at a project’s design and/or tender stage to ensure the ICT infrastructure is fit for purpose. We can identify any unforeseen problems with the initial drawings and help deliver an outstanding, high-quality installation that both main contractor and client are exceptionally pleased with. We’re there to make you look good.

Although we advise that allowing us to run all your new cables will safeguard you against future problems, we don’t insist on this and are happy to be called in just to test and terminate your Cat 5/6 or fibre lines.

ICT and structured cabling is a very specialist area and getting it even slightly wrong can end up being very costly. By using us, you can be safe in the knowledge that we take on that responsibility and will deliver the end product you require. It’s our knowledge of what our clients need from their cabling infrastructure that makes us the perfect partner in creating a solid, future-proof solution.