About Us

Team work

On large installations, particularly in new build and substantial refurbishments, we rarely work alone. UTL Cabling Solutions has become well known for the way we work with other trades and contractors. Whether it’s very early in the tendering stage - where we can help with initial estimations - or throughout the structured cabling installation, we take pride in making our partners look good.

Take a look at our case studies section where you can read about the cabling projects we’ve been involved with, and read what other people have to say about us.

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Experience sets us apart from our competitors.  Clients will have the confidence that we know what we are doing, abide by all the latest regulations and they will be left with a sound and long lasting infrastructure.

The cabling infrastructure is the backbone of a company’s ICT and our technicians have worked in a variety of situations that has led to them encountering and resolving many challenging problems.

Our technicians have extensive experience including projects in within Schools, Hospitals, Data Centres, Public Sector Buildings and Multi Floor/Level Installations. From New Builds to complicated Old or Listed Buildings. Our technicias have an impressive average of over 10 years experience in the industry.

Health and Safety

We have in place a constantly updated Health & Safety policy monitored by and external company. We consistently score highly on any health and safety assessments at sites everywhere. we have a planned approach to our work which includes schedules Tool box talks for staff, regular site inspections by our own health and safety inspectors, full risk and method statements are done on all jobs.


Service Levels

At UTL Cabling we take pride in a job well done and we prove it with a 25 year guarantee on workmanship and premium branded cable.

As you would expect, we follow the industry standards for structured cabling to the letter. What may surprise you is the care and attention we take in the planning and preparation and the exceptional pre-sales advice we are able to give. It is excellence at this stage that sets us apart from other cabling specialists. Our customers to benefit through a speedy and efficient structured cabling installation featuring less delays, less hassle, and less waste.

As well as taking pride in design, planning, preparation and advice, you’ll find we always insist on using high quality products. High quality data cable and cabling accessories save you money in the long-run.

We aim to leave a site in a state we’d like to find it. We guarantee to leave your new structured cabling installation with:

  • the comms cabinet installed in the correct position,
  • a spare length of cable to allow future changes,
  • space for expansion and future needs,
  • devices shelved in the correct order,
  • patched tidily,
  • and clearly labelled.


Many people and companies can run cable much of which is unseen to the end users eye, but UTL prides itself on not just using quality products (that will last) but also high quality workmanship. The hidden backbone of your ICT infrastructure looks as good as our visible comms cabinets (see before and after pictures). Looking good also means it performs good and makes it 10 times easier for anyone to work on in the future.