Service Levels

At UTL Cabling we take pride in a job well done and we prove it with a 25 year guarantee on workmanship and premium branded cable.

As you would expect, we follow the industry standards for structured cabling to the letter. What may surprise you is the care and attention we take in the planning and preparation and the exceptional pre-sales advice we are able to give. It is excellence at this stage that sets us apart from other cabling specialists. Our customers to benefit through a speedy and efficient structured cabling installation featuring less delays, less hassle, and less waste.

As well as taking pride in design, planning, preparation and advice, you’ll find we always insist on using high quality products. High quality data cable and cabling accessories save you money in the long-run.

We aim to leave a site in a state we’d like to find it. We guarantee to leave your new structured cabling installation with:

  • the comms cabinet installed in the correct position,
  • a spare length of cable to allow future changes,
  • space for expansion and future needs,
  • devices shelved in the correct order,
  • patched tidily,
  • and clearly labelled.