PA System

We offer a range of PA systems to suit a variety of requirements, including the well known Valcom VoIP solution.

VoIP is an emerging technology that allows telephone calls, faxes, or overhead paging to be transported over an existing IP data network. Traditionally, voice and data were carried over separate networks optimised to suit the differing characteristics of voice and data traffic.

With advances in technology, it’s now possible to carry voice and data over the same networks while still catering for the different characteristics required by voice and data. This provides for the addition of new voice communications products without the need for installing new cabling.

The VoIP network could be:

  • A local area network
  • A wide area network
  • A corporate intranet
  • Any combination of the above


Less costly than other communications alternatives

IP is the predominate networking protocol used globally today. It presents a huge opportunity to dispense with separate voice and data networks and use IP technology for voice traffic as well as data.

As voice and data network technologies merge, massive infrastructure cost savings can be made as the need to provide separate networks for voice and data can be eliminated.

VoIP uses connectionless, or packet, switching during a conversation. There is no telling what path each packet might take to get to its destination. Once transmitted these packets are reassembled into their original order at the remote locations. Today’s high bandwidth routers and network components provide ample capacity to reliably transmit voice and data over the same backbone.

Valcom manufactures a variety of IP solutions products which provide users with a host of added communications benefits without the need for expensive new cabling to operate.


What makes Valcom IP Solutions products so unique?

Valcom IP solutions are revolutionising the industry. Valcom IP products serve a wide array of customer communication needs.

They are robust in performance and install quicker than traditional wired methods. Their design is cost effective and numerous models are available to support telephones, paging speakers, intercom stations and telecom interconnect.


What kind of things can VoIP do for my business?

You can add a paging system or remote paging microphones in a new building or office.

Door intercom and interior stations can be installed to secure and make a facility safer. Telephone costs can be reduced by eliminating dedicated leased lines.

Information and emergency telephone handset can provide clear communications with security personnel.

We feel that IP solutions can provide all facilities with new alternatives to add functionality, safety, lower installation costs and increase efficiency.