We are specialist intruder alarm providers and all our systems meet the latest European standards.

Intruder alarm systems can detect movements across your site. The sensor technology can be configured to distinguish natural movements of weather conditions and animals from those caused by people. Entry points can also be monitored, so that an alarm is triggered as soon as someone attempts to open a protected door.

An intruder alarm system can activate a full alarm condition, either immediately or after a specified delay, sounding a 110-decibel siren accompanied by bright strobe lighting. Keyholders can be advised of activation via an SMS message or email.

Wireless intruder alarm systems are ideal for applications where traditional hard-wired solutions are not viable.

An intruder alarm can be designed as a monitored system, which sends a signal to an alarm receiving centre (ARC), where an operator will initiate an agreed response plan. For some businesses, that plan may include reporting alarm activations to the police.

An AlertSystems Intruder Alarm is easy to use and provides an effective deterrent to potential thieves and trespassers, while minimising the risk of false alarms. Our experienced team will work with you to design a system that meets your business’s and insurer’s requirements.

We’ll provide a FREE risk assessment and site survey to evaluate your intruder alarm requirements.